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africaMASSIVE offers a full range of event management services, providing a one-stop shop for all your eventing needs. We imagine, plan and execute engagements that help our clients inform, influence and entertain their audiences.

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africaMASSIVE is a comprehensive specialist in all Technical Solutions

africaMASSIVE are experts in delivering eye-catching and breath-taking, Audio-Visual solutions, that will have you on the edge of your seat or sunk miles deep into melodious bliss.
While crystalline sound and vibrant projection might not be what you remember from your wedding day, we understand that you definitely will remember the opposite!

We mitigate risk.

We provide a whole range of technical solutions that have you covered, whether making sure grandma can hear what’s being said at your child’s 21st Birthday or dazzling your international clientele with a tech-spectacular at your next corporate event!

Owning our own equipment enables us to meet your budgetary requirements without sacrificing our impeccable quality and service.




Let us set the mood or get you noticed.


We bring the stage to your ears.


We’ll build them as big as your dreams.


They say picture-perfect, we say perfect picture.


Is it ever big enough?


We’ll keep the lights on.

Stop Dreaming. Start Doing. We are ready to assist you!


I just wanted to send you guys a massive thank you from my side. I know I sent a million mails and had an endless list of questions and things I needed help with, and I really appreciate all the help and effort from your side. I was expecting a few hiccups with the conference (because things happen) and I honestly felt like there were none. Especially no major dramas. And I have no doubt that is all because you guys were involved. So, thank you again for helping us put together an absolutely awesome conference (Africa Wild Dogs United 2022). We honestly could not have done it without Africa Massive.


Samantha Nicholson (Science Officer: African Lion Database Coordinator, Endangered Wildlife Trust
Member of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group)



I hope you guys have managed to get some rest after the activities of AWDU (African Wild Dogs United 2022)? Thank you once again for a marvellous event – it really went better than I could ever have expected, and you guys played a massive role in its success (pun intended 😊)

Dr. Harriet Davies-Mostert (Head of Conservation, Endangered Wildlife Trust)

Congratulations on putting on such an excellent conference. It really exceeded our expectations, and your platform and organisation made a huge contribution. We were delighted to be able to sponsor the conference

Nicholas Dyer (Trustee, Painted Wolf Foundation)

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